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Order school uniform here
School Uniform holiday collection
Uniform orders received by 12 noon Monday 23 January 2017 in the school holidays will be
available for collection at the school office on Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 January 2017 from 8.30am – 3.30pm.  If you do not collect your order from the office during this time, your child will bring it home on the first day of school, 31 January 2017.

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Our Vision

Our vision is "For every child to be a REAL learning Hero making REAL CHOICES!".
This means they will be Respectful (of self, others and the environment), Encouraging of others, Achieving to the best of their ability, Lifelong learners involved in their Community and with the community involved in their school, with positive Hauora and Opportunity to lead their learning in a wide range of areas. They will be Innovative and Creative thinkers and problems solvers, Collaborative learners who Enjoy the learning process through Sustainable living and learning!

You will see through our logo that this means our children will be enabled as self regulated REAL Heroes with positive Hauora through our place based curriculum, our REAL CHOICES, quality teaching (and co-teaching) and a learning focused environment.

It is a tall order but together we can achieve our vision!





Our New Learning Environment

Our new school is an Innovate Learning Space. You can view the plans here.

The new school is designed with notions of sustainability, future focus, 21st century learners and community as foundational. A school that reflects our community, our beliefs and values and our aspirations for our children. With all that our community have survived over the last several years this is time for celebration and innovation.


Our Learning

In 2014 the team at Waitākiri School created a new curriculum for the children of the merged school. Values that emerged are those of environmental sustainability, innovation, community, collaboration, lifelong learning and problem solving. Excellence in numeracy and literacy will be achieved through engaging children in authentic learning contexts and challenges. Take a look at our Class Blogs!




Our Curriculum

Like all schools in New Zealand we have the privilege of developing a local curriculum with the New Zealand Curriculum as our guiding document. This world-class document enables local communities to develop a localised curriculum in response to the principles, values and vision of the New Zealand Curriculum.



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