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International Students

Waitākiri Primary School is pleased to begin accepting enrolment applications for International Students from 31 January 2017.
Waitākiri Primary School opened in 2016. The state of the art school is designed for 650 children from Years 1-6 (5-11 years old) with low teacher pupil ratios and high levels of additional learning assistant (teacher aide) support. The school is designed to maximise the power of teacher collaboration and to enhance quality learning for children. Each of the six learning studios in the school has multiple break out learning areas, separate staff and student toilets, multiple learning zones within the studio, teacher and specialist teaching workrooms, full kitchens, art, technology and science areas and undercover outside learning areas.
Waitākiri Primary School has quickly gained a reputation nation-wide for excellence in teaching and learning with visitors coming from around New Zealand on a weekly basis to observe the school in action. The school is a leading innovator in collaborative teaching and learning with extensive research undertaken to ensure the best possible learning environment for students. The school has a focus on improving learning outcomes, student self-regulation and well-being (hauora).


Waitākiri Primary School Curriculum:

The school, in consultation with the community has developed a curriculum which engages children in meaningful learning contexts with a focus on literacy, maths and science. Children learn through a 'place based curriculum' which involves them in projects and inquiries related to real challenges in the school, community and beyond. Children have the opportunity to delve deep into learning experiences which will develop strong foundational knowledge and skills.


Student Learning Outcomes

Students at Waitākiri primary School achieve excellent learning outcomes with 92% of all year 6 leavers 'at' or 'above' the National Standards in reading, writing and maths. This achievement is due to the quality of teaching at the school, the resources and support provided for learners and the broad and rich curriculum available to students. Assessment data evidences gains in achievement each year from Year 1 resulting in the 92% at year 6. A recent Education Review Office (ERO) report of the school awarded the highest possible review period for the school commenting:

"The school’s achievement information shows that most children achieve highly in reading, writing and mathematics and are at or above the National Standards. The senior leadership team has high expectations for teaching and learning. A significant strength is the way senior leaders use research effectively to inform decision making and practice. They provide very clear guidelines for teachers and instil a sense of urgency about responding to children’s learning needs and wellbeing.  They (teachers and students) make effective use of a range of digital technologies to support their learning."


The children at Waitākiri Primary School are supported and challenged to become "REAL Heroes making REAL CHOICES!" This involves them learning to have Respect for self, others and the environment, to be Encouragers of others, to Achieve to the best of their ability and to be Life-long learners. Progressively as they learn and grow at Waitākiri they will have opportunities to make REAL CHOICES about their learning. To do this they will develop skills of self-regulation and learn to set goals, reflect on progress and challenge themselves to be the best they can be.


​Well-being (Hauora)

Our students learn in an environment where they will be supported when needed, challenged when needed and given a broad range of learning experiences in all curriculum areas. Children's well-being is enhanced when they progressively take more responsibility for their own learning, when they are given relevant and meaningful feedback and where their culture is embraced and nurtured. The school has quickly developed a reputation for culturally inclusive practice with ERO commenting:

"Senior leaders are actively involved in supporting teachers to raise achievement. They place priority on high quality teaching practices. There is a strong shared understanding about how children learn. Teachers identify specific strategies designed to address barriers to learning and promote successful outcomes. Senior leaders and teachers are inclusive and responsive to children’s learning and wellbeing needs."

International Students

Staff at Waitākiri Primary School have extensive experience and expertise with international students. Prior to the merger which created the new school Windsor School had an extensive and highly regarded International Student Programme. The staff involved in this programme are employed by the new school to ensure the best possible support for International Students. ERO comment: Children learn in focused, well-paced lessons within calm, settled environments. This will be the case for our international students who will also receive specialist personalised English language tuition together with the necessary support in the studio to access the curriculum and progress with their learning in New Zealand. International Student numbers will be limited in each studio (maximum of 4 international students for every 110 local students) to ensure they have the necessary support and conditions to thrive. In addition to excellent learning opportunities in literacy, maths and science children will have learning opportunities in the studios in social sciences, technology and the arts. All children participate in weekly specialist learning in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Te Reo (Maori language). Furthermore, senior students have the opportunity to participate a wide range of additional learning experiences including: Choir, Dance, Rock Band, Jump Jam, French, Guitar, Ukulele, School Council, Librarians, Bankers, Road Patrollers, Playground Heroes, Building, Gardening, Environmental Group (Enviro Ferns), REAL TV (filming), Sports including rugby, netball, soccer, hockey, basketball, touch rugby, swimming, athletics and much more. Our students are never short of challenges!


International Student Fees

Fees for 2017 are $11 000.00 plus GST per year (or part year of). 

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