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Online Student Accounts

You can view on line student accounts through our Student Manager System, LINC-ED. Through LINC-ED you can also access your child's report and learning.

Parents/caregivers can access your child's in an online environment that is secure and easy.

How do I access my child’s LINC-ED page?

Step 1 Visit:

LINC-ED is supported on all modern browsers, for example Google Chrome or Safari.

Step 2 Click on “Lost your Password”  to set up your login. 

Step 3 Enter the email address you have given the school to send you communication.

Click “Get New Password”.

Step 4 An email will be sent to you containing a link for you to click on. The link will take you to a page where you will see your new password.

If you choose to, you can delete the automatically generated password and enter your own strong, secure password then click Reset Password.

Step 5 You have now set up your LINC-ED login! Once logged in, you will see our school notices. By clicking on the “Menu” at the top of your page you will see your child’s profile photo, accounts and settings. 

Select the money tab ($) at the top to view your child's account. 

LINC-ED can be used on your mobile phone.

The following article gives you instructions on how to do this. Install the LINC-ED app (