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Christchurch and Canterbury

Welcome to our beautiful city!cc03-178
Christchurch is known as the 'Garden City'. Despite our earthquakes, Christchurch is now a safe city to live in. It is rising again and proving it is still one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand. It is changing fast - next to old beautiful heritage buildings, a modern CBD is taking shape.  Christchurch is an easy place to walk or cycle, our new cycleways and green spaces are fantastic!

Christchurch NZ
Christchurch CBD
Hagley Park and Botanic Gardens
Christchurch City Tram

Making the most of Christchurch and Canterbury
There are so many things to do in Christchurch and Canterbury. Whether you like adventure or want to take things a bit slower - the list is unlimited. Here are a few things we love to do!

Christchurch Adventure Parkcc02
Mount Hutt Ski Field
International Antarctic Centre
Shopping in Christchurch
Antigua Boatsheds and Boat Hire
Christchurch Art Gallery
Canterbury Museum
Margaret Mahy Family Playground
Christchurch Children's Activities
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Before you go anywhere, make sure you check the weather!
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Our Burwood Community
Burwood is a wonderful place to study and live. Our community are friendly, warm and welcoming with most families living in the close vicinity to our school. We are within a few kilometres to golf clubs, beaches, the Avon River, Bottle Lake Forest Park, adventure parks, QEII Recreation Centre, libraries, Travis Wetlands, mountain bike tracks, shopping malls, cinemas, doctors and dentists.  We have some wonderful local restaurants and cafes and a local bus service at our door. 

Waimairi Beach Golf Clubcc04
Waitikiri Golf Club
Christchurch Golf Club
Waimairi Beach
New Brighton Pier and Beach
Avon River Trail
Bottle Lake Forest Park
Spencer Park
Adrenalin Forest
QEII Recreation Centre
Travis Wetlands
The Palms Shopping Mall
Travis Medical Centre
Palms Dental Centre
Reading Cinemas The Palms
Metro Bus Service
Local libraries