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REAL Heroes in our Community

Our children have the opportunity to collect for a various range of community organisations during their own time and at school.  These are some that we have been involved with this year.


Blind Low Vision Collection Saturday 23 October
Thank you to the REAL heroes and their parents who volunteered to collect for Blind Low Vision NZ
Doing this in your own time is fantastic - and a wonderful opportunity to complete a REAL Challenge.
Well done to everyone involved.
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Cholmondeley Annual Appeal REAL Challenge collection
Well done to students who collected for the Cholmondeley Annual Appeal last Saturday.
Cholmondeley were thrilled that they were able to collect at a new site and were thrilled with the donations.
Without these awesome children and their families this would not have been possible.
Thank you!!
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Pink Shirt Day
Pink Shirt day during Kindness week students bought cans of food to donate to the City Mission
AMAZING students and families we have here to donate so much!
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Red Shield Appeal
Thank you to these awesome children and their parents who collected for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal on Saturday.  All funds raised go to our local community to be used to help people in need.

Well done REAL heroes!
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Jellybean Jar REAL Challenge20210412 133528

Thank you to everyone who supported us for "Guess how many jellybeans are in the jar" last week raising money for the Child Cancer Foundation. We raised $88.90.

There were 498 jellybeans in the jar and two people guessed the closest of 500, so Jakob and Colten got to share the jellybeans!

Thank you from Mehak, Mira, Portia and Maggie

Odd Socks REAL Challenge

A big thank you to everyone who supported the Down Syndrome Crazy/Odd Socks Day at school and gave a gold coin donation or more. We raised $448.20 for Down Syndrome. We were so pleased!

From Niamh, Bailey, Indigo and Lilah