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Our Enviro School

Enviro Ferns Blog

Waitākiri Primary School is an Enviro School. We believe that each generation is the guardian (kaitiaki) of the environment for all future generations.   

We have many enviro-friendly initiatives in use at school, here is one of them: 

After morning tea and lunch we had a huge rubbish problem. Gladwrap, muesli bar wrappers and chip packets were left in the playground.  Unfortunately, the council will only pick up our yellow recycling bins. In 2014 it cost the school $6,000 to dispose of all other rubbish.
We want to encourage all children at Waitākiri Primary School  to have “Nood Food”, that is food without wrappers.
In an effort to achieve this, we wish to thank Fresh Choice Parklands who is giving each New Entrant child an Enviro friendly lunch box. These lunch boxes have compartments for food rather than having food wrapped. For wrapped food we suggest you look at the reusable sandwich wraps that can be bought at many of the supermarkets and The Warehouse.
We also have a “Pack in, Pack out” policy. That is, any food wrappers bought into school must be taken home.
Think……REDUCE! REUSE! RECYCLE! in bulk and put into reusable containers.
Glennys Hill
Enviro Leader