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Healthy Snack

Healthy Snacks at Waitākiri School

At morning tea and lunch time, we encourage healthy eating. This is promoted from the start of school by giving all new entrant children a lunchbox and a healthy food recipe book.

Research shows a high carbohydrate / healthy snack between breakfast and morning tea can help learning. All studios have a healthy snack at about 9.45 am. We encourage parents to provide a slice of wholemeal bread with a spread, i.e. marmite, vegemite, peanut butter or butter for healthy snack time. Research has shown this improves cognition and attention in children.

All snacks are accepted. We respect families' choices and know that sometimes families might not have been to the supermarket or may not have enough food available. From time to time we help families with food supplies, please talk to the school if you are having difficulties. 

Children sometimes leave their healthy snack in their bag and choose something else. Your child might be asked if they have anything healthier at healthy snack time. This is part of educating students about what food is healthy and what should be eaten less often. If the child has nothing healthy, they are always able to eat what they have.

Please see below for advice from the Ministry of Health. 

Ministry of Health Advice