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Board of Trustee 2019 Elections

NZSTA are preparing for the upcoming Triennial Board of Trustee elections. NZSTA is working very hard to encourage parent and whanau participation on school boards in order to help shape and support the education of their children. To that end, we will be rolling out the Korari Programme for anyone interested in finding out about standing for the school board elections and having a say in the education of their children.

  1. Korari: a programme that provides you with governance training to help you understand the role of school boards of trustees. This free workshop in our area is on Tuesday 9 April - see poster on the previous page. (Note – this is an information sharing session – Qs and As, not training of potential board members).                                                                                                                                     
  2. Korari form: NZSTA will support anyone who advises us they are interested in becoming a trustee, by way of the workshops but also providing access to our Learning Management System where online modules re. school governance, student achievement etc. can be completed.  Attached is a form for completion which should be emailed to                                                    
  3. Community member guide to the role of the board of trustees: This explains a lot of commonly asked questions and information about becoming a trustee.

Andrew Barker and Ben Naylor, Board chairperson, will be in the CHOICE room on 5 April at 8.30am if you have any questions or would like to have an informal chat about being on our Board of Trustees.