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Board of Trustees

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Ben Naylor
Board Chair / Health & Safety
Ph: 029 943 1017
  Joy Banks
Staff Representative
Jude Leroy Adele  
Jude Borcherds Leroy Lewis Adele Mitchell  

2019 was an election year for the Board of Trustees.  The election went to vote with the above parent Board of Trustees elected by parents, and the staff representative voted by staff.

The Board comprises of  five  elected members, the Principal and one staff representative. Parent and staff representatives are elected for a period of 3 years to govern the school.  The Board has the power to co-opt members for specific tasks.  
The school’s Charter & Annual Plan sets out the direction for school development. An Annual Plan defines goals/priorities for the year.
The Board works closely with the Principal, to ensure children’s educational needs are catered for. The Board also supports the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in fundraising and parent involvement. 
Minutes of the Board meetings are available on the Parent Information shelves in the CHOICE Room.  There is also a drop box in the CHOICE Room as a means of communicating comments and suggestions to our team.